Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New MDS Downloads & more MDS pages!

Yeah, it's Tuesday (well it was when I started the post & blogger is giving me problems) and more great downloads from Stampin' Up!  I'll leave those until the end of the post 'cause I'm so pleased to show you my latest creations on MDS.  Hope you're not getting board with them yet.  I'm just having so much fun!  You just can't believe all the new amazing updates they put into MDS2!

Today's pages play with a few new features:  using watermark, creating on a two page layout, using the freeform line tool, and applying text to a path.  The watermark feature acts like using versamark in tradition stamping.  That's what I used on the snowflakes throughout the pages.  I was able to work on these pages side by side and thus how I was able to have my title run from one page to the next. 

One other important point to MDS2...all the newest digital downloads are being created as SVG files.  What does that mean?  The stamp sets can be manipulated to a larger size without the image becoming distorted.  This offers much more flexibility when creating and not being limited to the size of the stamp.  However, SVG stamps won't work with the original MDS program.  You will need to upgrade to MDS2 for them to work correctly. 

**hmmm...another blogger issue....won't let me post side by side photos, bah humbug

Now for today's newest downloads.  And don't forget about the downloads that are being offered at a 31% discount thru the end of the month.  It's a great way to build up your MDS inventory.  Check out that list here

Knots And Ties Trim -- Digital Download
Knots And Ties Trim #131211
Lovely Little Labels Kit -- Digital Download
Lovely Little Labels Kit #131231
Noel Noted Greeting Card Templates -- Digital Download
Noel Noted Greeting Card Templates #131468
Seasonal Salutations Greeting Card Template -- Digital Download
Seasonal Salutations Greeting Card Template #131216
Topsy-Turvey Celebration Kit -- Digital Download
Topsy-Turvey Celebration Kit #131217
Tweet Leaves Stamp Brush Set -- Digital Download
Tweet Leaves Stamp Brush Set #131230

From My Heart Stamp Brush Set -- Digital Download
From My Heart Stamp Brush Set #131234


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