Saturday, September 1, 2012

Free ribbon! and more MDS

A new month with Stampin' Up! means some awesome new offers you can't pass up!

Also due to the overwhelming response with the adorable Howl-o-ween kit being offered when you join Stampin' Up!, they have extended the offer to September 16th.  Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity for this free kit valued at $60 and remember your startup kit can be completely customized for only $99.  Click here to join my family!!

All of my free time this week I have been glued to my computer working on the time bedtime rolls around my mind is just fried!!  This year has been such a challenge learning all these computer things when it comes to having a blog.  Still a few things left I'm trying to figure out...applying watermark to my photos and making steps, just remember baby steps....

I almost forgot!  Another one of those "computer" things I've done this week was create a business page on facebook.  So look me up on facebook and "like" me. 

These little flags you see below were created for all the teachers and staff at my daughters school.  They are 3" wide by about 8" long and will be a candy bar wrapper.  It's going to take some assembly time this weekend as I have to make 80!!!  They didn't take long to make but had to wait as I sent them off to Office Max to be printed.

I'll post pictures in a few days when they're all completed.  Wish me luck!!  Hope everyone has a safe and uneventful holiday weekend! 

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